In the wake of Milano-Sanremo


The Milano Sanremo is a super classic for bike lovers. In this route will be faced the climb 'Cipressa', a challenge for sportsmen, and you will pass through Arma di Taggia, Poggio di Sanremo and Sanremo, to get a taste of the classic route that connected Milan with the west coast. There will be a coffee break to catch your breath and energy after the Cipressa climb.

Sulla scia della Milano-Sanremo

What you will see

  • Hotel Riviera dei Fiori
  • Salita Cipressa
  • Arma di Taggia
  • Poggio di Sanremo
  • Sanremo


These are the last kilometers of the very classic "Milano-Sanremo", with the last two hills that put a strain on the athletes' fitness, to arrive then in Sanremo in via Roma, where the final sprint takes place! The bike path takes us to San Lorenzo, where there is the beginning of the famous Cipressa (regular climb of about 6 km) that leads to cross the village of Costarainera and then becomes lighter, until the village of Cipressa, crossing the bottleneck in the center of the village, where begins a descent of 3.5 km and where you accelerate in view of approaching the finish line. Back behind the sea, being a pleasure ride, we enter the bike path to cover a few km in safety and to exit again on the state road, near the junction that will take us to the next climb. The last effort, for the professionals in this 298 km race, is the climb of Poggio, about 3.5 km long; the climb has an average gradient of 4%, then it goes down towards Sanremo. At this point you return to the main road (Aurelia), as the final 2km remain with the finish in the city centre! For our tour, instead, we have the possibility to return to the bike path and ride it in the direction of San Lorenzo al mare to return to the structure.

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