Vasia gourmet tour


An alternative as a food and wine route by bike passes through Vasia, Pantasina, Prelà and Dolcedo: you pass through characteristic villages of the Riviera dei Fiori, alternating sea views and mountain views, with destination one of the local oil mills. Here you can taste the oil, a product with which Liguria is famous all over the world, together with its beauties.

Tour gastronomico per Vasia

What you will see

  • Hotel Riviera dei Fiori
  • Porto Maurizio
  • Caramagna
  • Vasia
  • Contea di Pietralata
  • Pantasina
  • Molini di Prelà
  • Dolcedo - Sosta con degustazione al Frantoio Benza
  • Torrente Prino
  • San Lorenzo al Mare

The guide says...

We head towards Imperia, near the area of Porto Maurizio and climb inland, passing through the small hamlet of "Caramagna" where our ascent begins, with a fantastic climb immersed in olive groves and a splendid view of the sea. We continue to climb on a road with little traffic, as it passes through small villages and after 7 km we arrive in the small village of Vasia, where you can find a fountain to fill the water bottles. The panorama is relaxing, with nature dominating the territory: the right satisfaction after so many km of cycling in the open air! But it's not over yet: leaving Vasia behind us, we continue on a valley road that remains at high altitude and leads us to admire the "county of Pietralata", an ancient fortification dating back to the XV century. Continuing, then, we end with the flat stretch in the village of Pantasina, and then head downhill to Molini di Prelà and, going back towards the valley, we pass through the village of Dolcedo and skirt the Prino torrent as far as the sea; the excursion ends going towards Sanremo for the return on the state road.

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